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Catalogue Moved

The archive images previously available at this link are now available from the individual partners:

Please contact the relevant partner for more information about their collections.

You can explore the key themes from the History to Herstory project here

Why has this page changed?

Preserving a web resource like the catalogue of images involves resource commitments beyond the end of the project’s funding period, and these costs were not covered by the grant-awarding bodies. From History to Herstory was originally funded by the New Opportunities Fund in 2003, with a small further grant in 2011 from JISC to refresh the resources. Since that time the project partnership has considered how the ongoing costs of preservation can be minimised and resources used in the most effective way possible. In 2019 the project partners agreed they would host the digital images among their own online resources, which have developed significantly since the original 2003 project.

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